Benefits of Positive Touch on Infants

Infants have a very limited way of communication. The only way they know how to communicate is to cry when they need something, so it is important that infants are cared for in a proper way. The environment around the infant is very important when it comes to how they react and grow. Even though they may not be able to communicate very well, infants have a great sense and instinct and they can identify both positive and negative effects in the environment.

Importance of positive touch

Due to the heightened sense of the infants, positive touch such as stroking and cuddling and negative touch such as pinching, poking or tickling has two very different impacts on these infants. Studies have shown that there is more emotional and social growth in infants who have experienced more positive touch from the people around them. They cried less and smiled and vocalised more than the infants who experienced more of the negative touch. It is also seen that later in life, as adults, the children who experienced positive touch more than negative were much more stable and less violent compared to the others. Research shows links between negative touch and emotional and behavioural problems later in life.

Need for touch

Human infants are the only ones that are very dependent on their parents for at least the first few months of their lives. They have a primal need to be held close and cuddled. They need constant physical contact and come with the basic reflexes that are needed to hold on in every possible way. It can be in the form of holding on to the finger of the adult or forming an M with their legs to facilitate carrying on the hips or lying on the chest. They are also not able to do anything on their own so they depend on the parents for food and care. They are constantly excreting out waste matter at a high rate and thus need the parents or caregivers to change their diapers and clean them.

There are many working parents in Singapore who, after the initial few months, have to get back to work so they have to rely on preschools and other infant care centres in Singapore to give the required care to their child. These are reliable and excellent places that keep the needs of the infant first and make sure to take the best possible care of the infant.

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