Common Mistakes That Parents Make While Communicating with Children

There is no doubt that parenting is one of the most challenging tasks but at the same time, it is one of the most meaningful tasks in life. There are so many things that parents must understand to ensure proper growth of their child and it is more important for working parents who have less time to spend with their kids. The best way of parenting is to be fair, loving, caring, flexible, supportive and respectful to the kids so that they can also learn all these qualities from you. As suggested by Singapore kindergarten experts, here are some of the most common mistakes that parents usually make while communicating with their children and this unacceptable behaviour leads to poor results along with damaged self-esteem of the little ones.

Talking too much:

Research has proven that when parents talk too much, the children tune them out as their brain is only able to pick up small chunks of information. If you keep on talking then they will be exhausted and will stop storing anything in their memory.

Multiple Warnings:

Working parents are always in a hurry, especially in the morning hours because they need to manage so many things within a short time, including packing lunch for all, clothing everyone, assigning duties to kids for whole day routines and signing homework, etc. If parents start giving multiple warnings to kids in their own stressful mood, then kids find it annoying and criticising. It is important to handle things with responsibility and a good mood.

Never try to Impose your expectations:

If you keep talking about your expectations without listening to what they think about these matters then it will definitely lead to a critical situation. Even if your kid is not able to meet some of your expectations, he cannot be considered as bad kid because all human beings are born with their own abilities and they need to find an environment to grow accordingly.

Not listening:

The biggest barrier to communication between kids and parents is in cell phones these days. As parents stay busy on their mobile phones, kids are not able to have proper interactions with them. Attentive listening is more important for your child and it must be managed, even in your busy work hours.


When parents keep on comparing their kids again and again with other children, it causes a negative impact on their mind. Never ever try to child to another child. Instead, try to boost their own abilities and help them feel motivated about their own interests.

It is very important to have healthy communication with children so that they can feel connected to their parents and can share all their feelings without apprehension. Talk to them respectfully and let them feel like they are a priority in your life.

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