The best cake shops in Singapore

There are plenty of cakes and dessert shops in Singapore. You just need to know the right place to get your fill of the delicious sugar-filled treats! From cakes and pastries to other innovative desserts, these cake shops and bakeries have come up with many ideas. From classic chocolate to the floral tier cakes, you can find everything here. Take a look at these dessert shops and you are sorted for the next few occasions at least!

Cakes are mandatory in every celebration, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or a baby shower! But we do not need an excuse or the pretense of celebrating an occasion to dig into the mouthwatering desserts, the pastry chefs are coming up with regularly. These cake shops offer delectable desserts, just waiting for you to sink yourself into them!

Cat and the Fiddle is an established cake shop where the desserts are a visual treat! They offer assorted cakes and pastries on one platter so you can literally eat up the entire shop! The Ice Cream and Cookie Co. is an ice cream shop that has ice cream cakes showcasing fun characters, such as Pikachu. They also offer it with classic flavors, like chocolate! Cravings is known for the artisanal cakes. Their cheesecakes are the talk of the town and you would be very lucky to catch them while they are available as they tend to sell out soon. Their extraordinary flavors like Mao Shan Wang durian is also loved by the public. The Crusty Oven bakes tarts that are almost too yummy to eat! Their strawberry shortcake is one of their most popular items on the list. They offer many varieties of rich tarts. Take a look at this article by Marchh.

15 Best Birthday Cake Shops in Singapore

If you are a sucker for chocolate and love all things sweet, there is no better bakery to indulge in a decadent and sinful chocolate cake on your birthday. Their cakes are limited to chocolate varieties. (You are basically spoilt for choice between Original Chocolate which is subtly sweet and Dark Chocolate which is slightly bitter.) But you can be guaranteed the chocolate is of the perfect quality.

Staring at its cakes alone is diabetes-inducing. But for those of you who want to indulge in a glorious and satisfying treat on your special day, then look no further. Cat and Fiddle offers a wide selection of decadent-looking cakes, so yummy and delicious you can’t stop at one. Fickle Feline, one of its best-selling cakes, offers you a jaw-dropping assortment of cakes on one tray so you and your friends don’t have to quarrel over whether strawberry or chocolate is better. Read more here.

Had your fill of the dessert delicacies in Singapore?

There are many varieties of cakes available on the market nowadays. Not only are we moving towards 3D cakes and the more innovative ones, we also like to experiment with flavors. Pantler is the cheesecake haven of Singapore. They also make pastries, bread, and cakes. The fluffy and light cheesecakes are just ready to melt in your mouth and that is just what was intended!

Mad about Sucre is all about indulging yourself with cakes and desserts made of nuts and booze among others. All Things Delicious is a Halal bakery. It does not use any machines for any of the operations such as dough making etc. Everything is done by hand, and maybe that is the reason why it tastes just so good! Susucre accepts all kinds of customizations from the customers. They make all kinds of twists and tweaks in your cake to make sure it meets the expectation of the customer. In this article put together by Natasha Hong and Rebecca Liew, you will find the best cakes shops in Singapore offering the most inviting desserts of all times!


Best cake shops in Singapore

You’d be hard-pressed to find customised cakes like the ones at Susucre: sugar flowers in every texture and form cascading from tiers, or a cake hidden within a supersized 3D bowl of laksa complete with all the fixings. The store also holds baking classes and customises dessert tables, but its specialty is cakes for weddings and birthdays. Choose from eight flavours such as mocha cappuccino and vanilla bean, and nine ganache-based fillings, including caramel cookie butter and hazelnut. Cakes are designed to withstand heat in outdoor venues, and only quality ingredients are used – that means real vanilla bean, handmade caramel and absolutely no preservatives. Depending on the size of your cake, a one-tier starts from $125, and from $500 for a three-tier. Place your orders three weeks in advance, because Susucre’s waiting list extends up to two weeks at a time. Read more here.

If you have narrowed down your search result and are on the way already to one of these cake shops, wait! There is more! It is not really hard to find a good cake shop in Singapore. In order to find one bakery or cake shop selling those delicious desserts, all you have to do is to take a look online.

Rich & Good Cake Shop, Cake Spade, Pine Garden, Fabulous Baker Boy, Ciel Patisserie, and The Bakery Chef are some of the top-notch bakeries that feature in this list by AspirantSG.


Top Bakers & Cafes for Best Cakes in Singapore

Cakes are not just for birthdays and tea time on the island of Singapore. Some of us can have cakes from Rich & Good Cake Shop for breakfast, skip lunch just to conserve our calories for a slice of Lana’s and complete dinner with a sweet ending from Pine Garden. For these reason or otherwise, we have decided to consolidate a comprehensive list of some of the best bakers in Singapore whom you must have a bite out of their best cakes! Read more here.


In conclusion, Singapore is indeed a haven for all those having a sweet tooth. If you are wandering around Singapore looking for cake shops that will offer you the best cheesecake or pastry you have ever had, this list will help you out with it.